Unleashing a New Era in Social Media Excellence: We’re a cutting-edge company at the intersection of media, marketing, and technology. We seamlessly fuse digital experiences, empower content creators, and drive meaningful conversions. Navigating the complexities of our clients’ worlds and ours, we’re dedicated to igniting sustainable growth in the social media landscape.

With a team of experts deeply entrenched in the world of social media, we bring a wealth of experience and innovation to every campaign. From crafting compelling content to implementing cutting-edge strategies, we’re dedicated to driving engagement and fostering meaningful connections with your audience.

We’re not just a social media company; we’re your partners in building an impactful online presence. Our mission is to elevate your digital footprint, making it stand out in today’s fast-paced social landscape.

Meet Our Team

Armaan Bhati

Co-founder & CEO

Salmaan Bhati

Chief Technology Officer

Azeed Hussain

Content Head

Zishaan Ali Bhati

Talent Management

@ ThinkPlug